Purple Root Vegetable - Sweet Taro Bubble Tea Toppings

Sweet Taro Paste Can 芋泥(880g)-Expiration date 01/08/2022


Sweet taro is cooked with honey to bring out its natural sweetness. Taro is a purple root vegetable extremely popular in Eastern countries. It has a light flavor that turns creamy when cooked, and the texture is often compared to that of a potato. The taro, however, is much healthier than a potato because of its richness in fiber, potassium, calcium and other mineral

The taro has been cooked and mashed into paste. It is sweetened and ready to use. Taro paste is very popular topping for taro flavored milk tea, sandwiches, bing su, and many other Asian fusion desserts.

  • 12 Cans / CTN
  • 880g /CAN
  • Store in the Cool and Dry place out of direct sunlight. Once opened, keep refrigerated.

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