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Sealing Machine


YF 98s model sealing machine is CE certified model. Dimension: 350x360x610 (mm)
Maximum Capacity:450 cups/hour
Max.Cup Size: 95(mm)x95x180
1. Low-cost and high productivity, take-out and storefront model.
2. Suitable for many materials (PE, PP, paper, and easy tear film)
3. Leak-free sealing ensures safety, hygiene, and a good product image.
4. Small production runs for optimal product testing.
5. Automatic error code detection.
6. Security door design for added safety.
7. Automatic cup-jack, for different cup heights.
8. New film rewinding design for quick removal.
9. User-friendly and easy-to-operate microcomputer control.
10. This model is with an ABS machine cover that is extremely strong however lightweight.

  • Store in the Cool and Dry place out of direct sunlight

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