Canned Food – Sweet Taro (small chunks) 880g-Expiration date 01/08/2022


Introducing our latest arrival : Canned Taro (small chunks)  880 g.

~Easy to Use

~Absolutely Delicious

This ready to use cooked & sweetened taro is perfect for “Taro milk tea”, “Taro bubble milk” and any other taro based dessert.

It comes in small chunk that could fit in regular straws. It could be added straight into drinks for the extra taro texture.

Turn it into taro paste by simply smashing it with a spoon.

Smaller size, easier to keep

  • 12 cans / CTN
  • 880g/CAN
  • Store in the Cool and Dry place out of direct sunlight and keep it tightly closed.
  • Keep refrigerated once opened and finish within 2 days.

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